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grift / grift
имя существительное
a petty swindle.
And Martha discovers that there is a dear price to pay for buying into a world of grifts , scams, and dishonesty.
engage in petty swindling.
Sooner rather than later, Gus' funds begin to run out, so he begins grifting for money.
The challenge of unpredictable variables, as a matter of fact, is what makes a grift fun.
a Sixth Avenue palmistry grift
Because it's basically like a film noir grifter gangster story and Ed's the leader of a con team and they do this complicated grift .
Only when Ann Merai and her husband - along with the hundreds of thousands of dollars - go up in smoke, does Matt realize that he's been entangled in an elaborate grift , where every single clue winds up pointing towards him.
Juan gets caught trying to pull the same grift twice in a convenience store.
Matchstick Men follows the lives of Roy, a veteran of the grift , and his ambitious protégé, Frank.
Back when salesmen were viewed as barely employable con men working some sort of semi-legal grift , the profession was populated almost entirely with drunks.
A few of his old backers, Richard Perle, Michael Rubin, still remain on the team, but it's pretty clear that for most of his former friends, that the grift is over.
Today's favorite grift , he says, is offshore money laundering.
At first you think there's some sort of grift going on, a con of some sort, which McConaughey is going to have to figure out.