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grieve / горевать, огорчать, тужить
grieve, mourn, sorrow, lament, regret, rue
grieve, upset, afflict, distress, pain, depress
suffer grief.
she grieved for her father
Merten's family gathered at his mother's home in Sumner yesterday to grieve the loss of their brother and son.
Maybe now my devastated family can start to grieve in peace.
she did not have the opportunity to grieve her mother's death
His brother Robin, 33, crewed the boat at the last minute and left a pregnant wife to grieve and to bring up a child who will never know his father.
Many people find they cannot grieve properly until this process has been completed.
In a short statement Mr Smith's family last night said: ‘We ask that our privacy is respected at this difficult time so that we may be left alone to grieve our son.’
‘When he knew his cancer was untreatable, he told us he had no regrets except that he was leaving my mother to grieve ,’ Richard said.
We were heartbroken and still grieve this loss.
These memorials also offer an opportunity for people to grieve in their own way.
We grieve deeply the loss of human life.