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grief / горе, печаль, огорчение
имя существительное
grief, sorrow, woe, distress, misery, trouble
sadness, sorrow, grief, mourning, affliction, rue
chagrin, grief, upset, pain, affliction, concern
имя существительное
deep sorrow, especially that caused by someone's death.
she was overcome with grief
Neither Chris nor Mom would want us to let our grief consume our lives.
If you have lost someone or have been struggling with grief check out the fact sheets below.
Wearing dark glasses, she had to be helped into a car as she was overcome by grief .
It's hard to resist the premonition that Equitable's problems are far from over and more grief lies ahead.
My brakes gave me some grief after the second to last stop.
Mr Lewis had owned a second-hand shop in Victoria Road, but in his grief after Terry's death he turned to drink.
He preys on vulnerable women with money, and has no problem smacking them around if they give him any grief .
she was overcome with grief
Her death caused intense grief in the parish.
Somehow, I'm expecting a little grief from the people I work with tomorrow.