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gridiron / рашпер, футбольное поле, колосники
имя существительное
gridiron, grill, grid
футбольное поле
gridiron, playing field, play-field
gridiron, fly
имя существительное
a frame of parallel bars or beams, typically in two sets arranged at right angles, in particular.
a field for football, marked with regularly spaced parallel lines.
It doesn't much resemble the game that we have been watching for the past 20 weeks on NFL gridirons , but that doesn't mean that the players are playing hard.
And if their skills can equal their enthusiasm and desire, you may be seeing more and more women on the gridiron catching touchdown passes instead of on the sidelines cheering on the players.
What's interesting to me here is the importance of sport to Americans and Brits, particularly football - gridiron and/or soccer.
More than 200 motion pictures have been made using the gridiron as a backdrop.
Tennis is in crisis in the US, and is in danger of being overwhelmed by the blanket coverage awarded to baseball, basketball and gridiron .
In small communities like the one in which I was raised generations of former gridiron warriors fill the bleachers to watch their sons and grandsons battle the descendants of their own regional foes.
There has been a global trend for television rights to fetch lower prices in recent years, with News Corp. writing down the value of contracts for gridiron , Major League Baseball and Nascar.
the national gridiron season
Formed 20 years ago in Colchester, the Gladiators American football team will be pounding the gridiron for a match against the Essex University team, the Essex Blades.
It is in America that the gridiron streetplan beloved of countless utopians has had its most rampant expression.
And let's make the distinction clear: American football, or gridiron , or whatever you want to call it, is football.