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greeting / приветствие, встреча, поклон
имя существительное
greeting, welcome, salute, salutation, hello, hail
meeting, meet, appointment, gathering, bout, greeting
bow, reverence, greeting, regards, regard, compliment
имя прилагательное
welcoming, greeting, complimentary, salutatory, testimonial, complimental
имя существительное
a polite word or sign of welcome or recognition.
Mandy shouted a greeting
give a polite word or sign of welcome or recognition to (someone) on meeting.
In the village street, many people stopped to greet me and welcome my brother and his wife.
weep; cry.
he sat down on the armchair and started to greet
Continuing to smile, Rosalyn held a hand out to me in greeting .
I raised a hand in greeting as Will and Dylan approached together.
‘Good afternoon,’ he said, quickly getting the polite greeting out of the way.
Their greeting was coolly polite with an undercurrent of dislike.
He steps into the road to allow a gaggle of shopaholics to descend on Mayfair and does not expect to be thanked as he flicks the brim of his trilby by way of greeting .
Theresa will be greatly missed by her many friends and neighbours as she always had a kind word and a greeting for everyone.
The occasional car went past, usually with groups of men inside, some ignoring the convoy, others hooting their horns, smiling and waving a greeting .
I nodded my head in greeting .
Awkwardly he lifted a hand in greeting and farewell and moved on round the rocky edge.
she raised her hand in greeting