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greenery / зелень, растительность, оранжерея
имя существительное
green, greenness, greens, verdure, greenery, potherb
vegetation, greenery, green, vegetable life
greenhouse, conservatory, orangery, hothouse, glasshouse, greenery
имя существительное
green foliage, growing plants, or vegetation.
The new practice will be built around a glass central courtyard, which will be planted with shrubs and greenery .
A mist lightly dusts the thick greenery of the trees that cover the surrounding hills.
In addition, all that greenery depends on a lot of rain - as much as 300 in a year in parts.
The outlying islands of the lagoon offer some things that are in short supply in Venice: space, calm and greenery .
If the weather is like this tomorrow I plan to take a drive into the peak district and see some greenery .
Wearing leather gloves for protection, cut sprigs of greenery and bunch them up.
Every town must have oases of greenery where children can run and play and other leisure activities can take place.
The roads in Delhi are wide, the buildings nice and there is a lot of greenery in some parts.
Lizards with bright blue tails scuttled out of our way, taking cover among the thorn bushes and cactus that were the only greenery .
The precious greenery around the city must be protected at all costs.
Mr Hall said he and his wife wanted to escape their London flat to somewhere with some greenery and space.