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greenback / банкнот, банкнота
имя существительное
bill, note, bank note, greenback, bank bill
bank note, greenback
имя существительное
a dollar bill; a dollar.
the beer she purchased with our last greenback
an animal with a green back, especially a race of the cutthroat trout found only in Colorado.
Already, 23 self-sustaining populations of greenback cutthroat trout have been recovered and the species has been reclassified to the less critical category of threatened.
The Australian dollar rose against the greenback for the 13th straight week.
the beer she purchased with our last greenback
He further threw his support behind China's insistence in pegging the yuan close to 8.28 to the greenback .
In a ‘dollarized’ economy - the US greenback and the Argentine peso have parity and are interchangeable - many of the city prices are surprisingly high.
But another persistent economic trend is gumming up the works: foreign producers aren't raising dollar prices, despite the greenback 's sharp decline over the past year.
After all, as long as China and Japan pursue export-led growth by refusing to let the dollar fall against their own currencies, the greenback will avoid a huge decline.
The local unit has gained about 5 percent against the greenback this year.
And a whopping 66 percent of overseas fund managers thought the greenback was still too dear, despite its recent decline.
The greenback has fallen roughly 40 percent since its high point against the euro in October 2000.
On the other hand, the appreciation of the NT dollar against the greenback will be beneficial in regulating the prices of imported goods and relieving potential inflation.