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green / зеленый, сырой, свежий
имя прилагательное
green, verdant, lawny, vealy, virid
raw, crude, damp, wet, moist, green
fresh, cool, recent, new, crisp, green
имя существительное
зеленый цвет
green, verdancy, vert
green, greenness, greens, verdure, greenery, potherb
vegetation, greenery, green, vegetable life
show green, green
делаться зеленым
делать зеленым
имя прилагательное
of the color between blue and yellow in the spectrum; colored like grass or emeralds.
the leaves are bright green
covered with grass, trees, or other plants.
proposals that would smother green fields with development
(of a plant or fruit) young or unripe.
green shoots
(of the complexion or a person) pale and sickly-looking.
“Are you all right? You look absolutely green.”
имя существительное
green color or pigment.
major roads are marked in green
a green thing, in particular.
a piece of public or common grassy land, especially in the center of a town.
a house overlooking the green
green leafy vegetables.
salad greens
a member or supporter of an environmentalist group or party.
Leading members of Respect have made repeated attempts to agree an electoral pact with the Greens .
make or become green, in particular.
bright green
Her eyes were a light green , which gave her an exotic look with her lightly tanned skin.
The tables are covered with green tablecloths and the wooden chairs have nice padded cushions which invite you to stay awhile.
For the moment, though, those of us who travel daily by bus in and out of Edinburgh would be happy to see the lights change to green slightly more frequently.
As Winslow sees it, there's no need to compromise between financial glory and being green .
The canopy of green around the hotel and the lake provides an interesting contrast with the rugged beauty of the sand and scrub beyond.
The source and production of green /alternative energies will of necessity be largely based in rural Ireland.
A group of 30 policemen dressed in green stood on a corner receiving instructions.
Office-supply giant Office Depot is teaming up with respected conservation groups in an effort to green its business practices.
Ryan and Daz had tacked up one of those wipe clean boards weeks ago, and on it, in green marker pen, was drawn a wonky smiley face.