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greedy / жадный, алчный, ненасытный
имя прилагательное
greedy, insatiable, avid, voracious, covetous, rapacious
greedy, avid, covetous, avaricious, grasping
insatiable, voracious, greedy, gluttonous, rapacious, insatiate
имя существительное
bastard, greedy
имя прилагательное
having or showing an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth or power.
greedy thieves who plundered a defense contractor
don't be greedy!
In fact our rulers are greedy for even more to go into their pockets at our expense.
The dog is very greedy and is eating all of his food!
Franklin had a great time - laughing his head off at all the greedy birds arguing over his cheerios.
It isn't hard to look around and see examples of greedy people, people who love money.
"I made two bowls, because I know you guys are so greedy ."
"She is a very greedy dog and will eat anything given the chance."
Players are becoming greedy for money and attention and they don't seem to care about forming a great team.
Invest in what you know or understand and don't be too greedy .
It shows moreover that most ordinary people are not innately selfish and greedy .