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great-niece / внучатая племянница
имя существительное
внучатая племянница
grand-niece, great-niece
имя существительное
a daughter of one's nephew or niece.
Surviving are four nieces and many great-nieces and nephews.
Jack agrees to keep the Baby a secret from Erica and then touches Bianca's belly, wondering whether he'll get a great-niece or great-nephew.
However, old man Magus and his great-niece , Ayla, saved my life.
According to a great-niece , Frank married twice more, first to a widow who lived near his father's farm.
‘Why not,’ Angelina sighed, wondering what her stubborn great-niece had planned now.
A 71-YEAR-old unsolved murder is to be reviewed by police after ‘new evidence’ was revealed in a book written by the victim's great-niece .
His early career brought him firmly within the English orbit: he was educated at Henry I's court and became earl of Huntingdon in 1113 through his marriage to Matilda, a great-niece of William the Conqueror.
Everyone, I want you to meet my great-niece , Melinda.
I am going to do whatever it takes to defend the honor of my family, and that includes ensuring that my great-niece marries someone of purity and devotion.
‘Aunt Helen was always mischievous,’ her great-niece informed me during an interview.
Yet, unable to have children of her own, she never let a great-niece or great-nephew's birthday pass without a card and a check.