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greasepaint / грим
имя существительное
makeup, greasepaint, war-paint
имя существительное
a waxy substance used as makeup by actors.
John knows the ins and outs of the acting world, working as both an amateur and professional in the land of greasepaint and footlights.
It was at that point that I became addicted to the smell of the greasepaint , the roar of the crowd, lights, cameras, action; I realised that my destiny was to entertain my public on stage, screen and television.
If your career is on the way down, panto is a celebrity safety net, one last greasepaint refuge where you can still revel in audience adulation.
Won't somebody ask me what I'm doing with greasepaint dirt smudges on my nose and a balsa-wood pickaxe in my hands?
Groucho, who had taken to wearing a fake greasepaint moustache in vaudeville, refused to grow a real one for the cameras.
Twelve finalists plastered on the greasepaint and heaved on the star-studded attire that made for a wonderful night's entertainment.
Was there is any likelihood at all of her reconsidering the decision and donning the greasepaint again?
He used to have a terrifying actor's nightmare in which the greasepaint slid off his face.
I was a child who, when taken to the circus, spent all her time trying to see past the greasepaint and illusion.
Johnie remained in full clown make-up throughout, even as real tears threatened to smear his greasepaint grin.
He also took to donning a white greasepaint visage, designed to mimic the pallor of 13 th-century plague victims.