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grease / смазывать, смазать, смазывать жиром
grease, lubricate, smear, oil, anoint, slur
lubricate, grease, oil
смазывать жиром
grease, dub, liquor
имя существительное
lubrication, grease, lubricant, greasing, fat
fat, grease, tallow, lard, stuff
fat, lard, tallow, grease, sludge, axunge
имя существительное
oily or fatty matter, in particular.
Whoever had repainted it had not, however, troubled to first remove the grease .
smear or lubricate with grease.
place on a greased baking sheet
I'm slightly tipsy and I have chicken grease and hot piri-piri sauce running down my face.
Whoever had repainted it had not, however, troubled to first remove the grease .
Place Fuller's Earth, talcum powder, sawdust or an old cloth over the spot to absorb the grease as it is drawn out by the first application.
Inside the store were shadows and smells: leather and fresh denim, gun oil, grease , and the distinctive odor of mothballs and linseed.
‘Ouch’ She cried, shaking her hand and wiping the grease on her jeans.
Fry in either bacon grease or lard until golden brown.
Hold a clean white blotter or several white paper towels over the spot and press with a warm iron until the grease is absorbed by towels.
She grabbed the frying pan and poured the remaining grease into a coffee cup that was sitting on the stove.
Axle grease also freezes and is warmed with a blowtorch.
He could feel the grease and sweat oozing and gathering on his face.