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grazier / скотовод, животновод
имя существительное
cattleman, herdsman, cattle breeder, grazier, stockman
stockbreeder, grazier
имя существительное
a person who rears or fattens cattle or sheep for market.
The demand for land focused hostile attention upon the graziers , who reared cattle and sheep commercially on extensive pastoral holdings.
It may be worth receiving a lower rent and having a more reliable grazier who will keep the land in a tidy condition.
The ewes used at The National were loaned by a local grazier and some say they are a bit wild - made jumpy by frequent wild dog attacks in the highlands of Australia.
There were grazier communities like the Rabaris of Gujarat who moved long distances with their herds of cattle.
It was a sheep grazier of Scottish descent, who saw the potential of camels for carrying goods on a commercial basis, particularly in the centre of Australia.
Revenue in kind received by the grazier included animals and sheep products.
What a terrible way to go, starving to death in their millions,’ the Queensland grazier and kangaroo expert said.
He intended to keep things that way, repelling would-be graziers , firewood cutters and poachers with an iron hand.
Research conducted into the costs of shepherding on moorland showed that graziers were making a loss of £1.32 per hectare.
However, most of the old rabbit fences have now fallen into disrepair as graziers and government scientists put their faith in calicivirus, the new biological control for rabbits which destroy vegetation.
However, as more and more graziers opt for this market it too will become ‘saturated’ and diminished profits from over supply will eventuate.