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graze / пасти, держать на подножном корму, щипать траву
graze, feed, pasture, shepherd, herd, tend
держать на подножном корму
щипать траву
graze, nibble, crop
использовать как пастбище
слегка касаться
touch, rase, lick, graze, tip, raze
имя существительное
scratch, scrape, graze, notch, excoriation, chalk
touching, contact, graze
peck, graze
легкая рана
graze, cushy wound
имя существительное
a slight injury where the skin is scraped.
it'll be fine, it's only a graze
(of cattle, sheep, etc.) eat grass in a field.
cattle graze on the open meadows
scrape the skin of (a part of the body) so as to break the surface but cause little or no bleeding.
she fell down and grazed her knees
The award is something of a quaint relic - freemen have the right to graze sheep on common ground.
About 46,000 cattle and sheep graze on Dartmoor, already declared a no-go area for walking, horse riding and other recreational uses.
Ordinary people had the right to graze their cattle and grow their crops on common lands, even though they did not technically own them.
Another concern is the welfare of their cows, following reports from other farmers, who already had pylons on their land, that livestock refuses to graze on the grass under the lines.
She landed hard, eagle-spread on the ground, feeling the damp cold rough surface graze her back.
This fungus helps the fescue survive tough conditions but also produces many compounds that are poisonous to cattle if they graze on it continuously.
Streams from the mountains' snows converged, so there was water for thriving crops like grapes and olives and lush grasses for cattle to graze on.
I can remember my stomach churning when one of my children would take a risk while playing a game and then fall and graze their knee.
A sufficient number of animals should be placed on the pasture to graze the grass down in less than 10 days.
So, instead of opting for the full blow-out, you could graze for an hour or so after the turkey on tangerines, almonds and the odd soft-centre.