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gravitate / тяготеть, стремиться, притягиваться
seek, aspire, aim, work, gravitate, long
move toward or be attracted to a place, person, or thing.
they gravitated to the Catholic faith in their hour of need
He had that presence which made people gravitate towards him.
the electron does not gravitate towards the nucleus
water does not gravitate on any part of itself beneath it
They made it clear that during the day people gravitate towards the town hall.
For such a scenario, the centrifugal forces would cause its water veneer to gravitate away from the poles and pile up at the equator.
‘The people with a passion for motor sports seem to gravitate towards it - if they can't be driving then it makes them feel a part of it,’ he says.
young western Europeans will gravitate to Berlin
They're found in all of the oceans of the world, but they gravitate towards the waters of the Arctics, where the food is plentiful and humans are rare.
Four blocks gravitate simultaneously towards the centre of the piece when a lever on the side is moved.
Similarly, instead of being thrown off into space by their movement round the sun, the planets would gravitate towards the centre of their whirlpool.