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graveyard / кладбище
имя существительное
cemetery, graveyard, churchyard, burial ground, necropolis
имя существительное
a burial ground, especially one beside a church.
He was buried beside my mother in the graveyard beside the church in the little town near our ranch.
He decided to brave the city streets and walked over to the church graveyard .
she's got a graveyard cough
She cycled on, through the winding streets of the village to the graveyard beside the old stone church.
After a final prayer, the coffin was lifted and transported to the church graveyard .
Everyday she visited the graveyard and stood for hours before the grave of her daughter.
he was buried in the graveyard of St Mary's parish church
A campaign has been launched to restore a historic graveyard to its former glory.
The church is situated in the old graveyard and across the road from the present cemetery.
he does the graveyard shift
People attending are advised to use the field next to the graveyard for parking.