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graveside / край могилы
имя существительное
край могилы
имя существительное
the ground around the edge of a grave.
In his first sentence he stated that the funeral was a graveside burial and gave the time and place.
Tommy officiated at the Mass and said the graveside prayers.
They carefully placed their tokens of love - toys, trinkets and flowers - back at the graveside and prayed the vandals would stay away.
Family and friends of a landlord who died tragically 11 days ago have marked his birthday with a graveside celebration.
It does not pay to extol someone, catalogue their achievements at the graveside while they were ignored in life.
Prayers will be said at the graveside before the coffin is removed and taken to a Hospital for tests by a Home Office pathologist.
a graveside address
only family and close friends were at the graveside
A grieving mother today told of her despair after thieves stole treasured mementoes of her dead son as she visited his graveside .
There was without doubt a dog who followed its master's funeral procession and hung around the graveside from 1858 to 1872.
During a graveside service, a widow and her son stood near the casket as the minister applauded the life of their husband and father.