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gravelly / состоящий из гравия, хриплый, усыпанный гравием
имя прилагательное
состоящий из гравия
hoarse, raucous, husky, breathy, throaty, gravelly
усыпанный гравием
имя прилагательное
resembling, containing, or consisting of gravel.
a dry gravelly soil
One is famous for his big glasses and his flamboyant dress sense, whilst the other is known for his tight fitting trousers and his gravelly voice.
‘Before we say goodbye to another year,’ Patrick said in his deep, gravelly voice, ‘I'm going to say a few words.’
It's not her fault that she looks like a man, or has a gravelly voice, or isn't particularly poised or charming.
A low cliff on one bank, with an otter's holt at its foot, betrayed by a crab graveyard, on our side a gravelly shore undercutting the peat moor.
Texture of the fine-earth fraction is silt loam or loam with gravelly or very gravelly modifiers.
In Washington, they favor degraded or otherwise gravelly soils.
The words, or maybe it's the gravelly voice, act as a cathartic, and the woman begins to cry.
‘A pity that it will be like this for only a short while longer,’ a deep, gravelly voice said.
Most of his soils are a gravelly sandy loam known as Aura, well drained and with 15% clay.
Much of this carpet of herbs is on shallow gravelly and stony soils, too poor for buffel, or under mulga trees.