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gravel / гравий, мочевой песок, крупный песок
имя существительное
gravel, grit, sand, hoggin, wash
мочевой песок
крупный песок
coarse sand, gravel, hoggin
посыпать гравием
gravel, grit
приводить в замешательство
confuse, embarrass, bowl over, discomfit, affront, gravel
ставить в тупик
confound, nonplus, perplex, bewilder, puzzle, gravel
имя существительное
a loose aggregation of small water-worn or pounded stones.
Keep their roots shaded with gravel or some large stones, mulch them now and then and they'll be happy for years.
cover (an area of ground) with gravel.
Outside, the back garden is landscaped with a rockery area, lawn, patio area and gravelled area incorporating shrubs and climbers.
make (someone) angry or annoyed.
this was a bad strike, and it graveled him to involve himself in it
What separates roads from gravel paths, is the degree of asphalting they have been dressed with.
Cystic gravel is of a yellow colour, and appears crystalline even to the naked eye.
The pond can be an actual pond or represented by raked gravel .
A slightly sloping gravel path approaches the cabin and is terraced in two places.
The cystic gravel assumes a crystalline, and as it were a waxy appearance.
Loose gravel crunched under the rigid bases of her knee-high black boots.
The shallow soils are derived from fluvial gravel overlain by multiple Holocene volcanic ash deposits and aeolian dust.
The authors draw the attention to the side-effect of the medicament, which might cause renal gravel formation.
The first section of the path is of compacted gravel and suitable for wheelchair access.
gravel path