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gratis / бесплатно, даром
free, free of charge, gratis, buckshee
free, for nothing, in vain, gratis, free of charge, for nought
имя прилагательное
free, gratis, unpaid, chargeless, buckshee, zoom
without charge; free.
a monthly program was issued gratis
имя прилагательное
given or done for nothing; free.
gratis copies
Distributing the goods gratis , he figured that you could make an honest wedge creating company-specific applications and customisations to run on the basic system and he was right.
While running all over town, if not all over a state, to teach courses, they can hardly be expected to also design curricula gratis .
In fact, just yesterday I received this magazine in the mail - gratis .
By order of the governor, no less, baseball fans are riding home gratis from Yankee Stadium on the D train and the No.4 train and from Shea Stadium on the No.7 train this week.
In keeping with the dictates of the No Free Lunch theorems, no items on the menu are gratis , though all seem actually quite affordable.
My glass of draught Kronenberg was expensive at £2.50: but Lili's pitcher of iced tap water, complete with slices of lemon, lime and orange, was free and gratis .
But Mr Peel got a nasty surprise when he was told that, rather than being gratis , the installation would cost him nearly £100.
Londoners who each work 7.9 gratis hours extra per week - equal to £7,008 per worker over the course of a year - pull up the overall average.
A gift given gratis is cherished all the more because the gifted does not have to spend money on it.
In Rome, state-salaried masters in each of the city districts or rioni taught poor students gratis and were allowed to charge a fee to whoever could pay.