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grating / решетка, скрип, скрежетание
имя существительное
lattice, grille, grid, grating, grill, grate
creak, squeak, scratch, scrape, screech, grating
имя прилагательное
creaking, squeaky, creaky, strident, grating, scratchy
annoying, irritating, exasperating, irritative, vexing, grating
cutting, sharp, abrupt, harsh, severe, grating
имя прилагательное
sounding harsh and unpleasant.
her high, grating voice
имя существительное
a framework of parallel or crossed bars, typically preventing access through an opening while permitting communication or ventilation.
Suddenly, something thudded against the grating that covered the opening.
reduce (something, especially food) to small shreds by rubbing it on a grater.
peel and roughly grate the carrots
make an unpleasant rasping sound.
the hinges of the door grated
But then she spoke again, in this pleading, grating voice that rubbed his nerve endings raw.
She'd stepped on a small stone disk and it had sunk into the ground with a grating noise.
When she finally started paying attention to the professor, he could see a look of vague irritation at the professor's sharp accent, which was a grating sound to anyone's ear.
Would the recording be of a metallic grating voice?
The rough grating voices tore through the darkness and pierced his ears.
It's also grating , because at the international level, where big business makes the big money and wields enormous power, Howard is a fan of international agreements to grease big business wheels.
Precious heard a grating noise and then silence.
With a harsh grating sound, the lid slid off, exposing its contents: a small black metal box, the size of a briefcase.
The message of this is don't ignore nasty grating noises in the lungs for weeks, in the hope they'll get better!
However, there is a scene near the end which I found grating and unnecessary and just too sentimental.