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gratify / удовлетворять, ублажать, радовать
satisfy, meet, fulfill, respond, serve, gratify
appease, humor, gratify, smarm, humour
please, rejoice, gladden, joy, gratify
give (someone) pleasure or satisfaction.
I was gratified to see the coverage in May's issue
Anyone who abuses young girls in order to gratify their sexual desires can and must expect custodial sentences to mark the public abhorrence of this type of behaviour.
Also, we just cannot gratify every desire that arises, because to do so would destroy civilization by breaking down its necessary restrictions.
Such jurisdiction allowed them to gratify their desires for lavish living.
He adopted their methodological starting point, the assumption that rational actors ‘seek to gratify their desires with the least exertion.’
Under colonialism, a nation is a ground on which men may gratify their desires for control and honor.
If the sole motive is enjoyment then your destination should gratify your desires.
In the second case, there is a need to gratify the craving, regardless of the risk.
All he saw in me was a way to gratify his greed and voracity.
Looking at the evolutionary history of four everyday domesticated plants (apples, tulips, marijuana and potatoes), he argues that their success stems from their ability to gratify human desires.
Does it gratify you that your films are taken seriously and that your films still inspire generations of filmmakers who have come after you?