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grassy / травяной, травянистый, покрытый травой
имя прилагательное
herbal, grassy, herbaceous
grassy, herbaceous, graminaceous, gramineous
покрытый травой
grassy, lawny, swardy
имя прилагательное
of or covered with grass.
grassy slopes
No sooner had we climbed the grassy slopes to the top than a breeze appeared to blow the mist away, revealing the island speckled waters of Loch Lomond.
He walked across a floor painted grassy green with occasional bright flowers, under a ceiling painted sky blue with white cartoon clouds.
Continue over the slippery rocks round to the other side, and clamber up a steep, grassy slope.
Snow covered the grassy expanse behind the house, and the small pond out back had a thin layer of ice forming over its black waters.
She was wearing a gardener's outfit and her hair appeared to be a garden of its own, with lilies, violets, roses and daisies, the base of the hair was a grassy green.
The forest thinned as branches parted; a few hamlets dotted grassy slopes below and thickly-wooded hills reared above.
Natalya breathed a sigh of relief when she noticed that his eyes were a vibrant violet and not the soft grassy green of the Prince's eyes.
Now there were sheep grazing on the grassy slopes.
To his left and right were banners bearing the white V over a grassy green background, familiar to all as the emblem of the land.
Children and adults can enjoy sliding down the grassy slopes on cardboard boxes.