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grassland / луг, пастбище, сенокосное угодье
имя существительное
meadow, grassland, field, grass, lea, mead
pasture, grazing, grassland, pastureland, pasturage, grass
сенокосное угодье
имя существительное
a large open area of country covered with grass, especially one used for grazing.
rough grassland
The wide stretches of bamboo and grassland cover the entire northern region.
It also confirms changes from tillage crop area to grassland or vice versa.
Soon the landscape alters from timbered hillside to open grassland and wildflowers.
The open grassland around Stonehenge in southern England used to be a favorite haunt of the bird.
acres of rough grassland
The majority of the land was covered in improved grassland and tillage.
The track eventually emerges from the tree cover to open grassland .
They might move from a summer grassland to an area of streams and lakes when the grasslands get too dry.
An area of grassland near Lower Pen Pond was designated a protected zone to encourage the skylarks to breed undisturbed.
rough grassland