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grasp / понять, осознать, схватывать
understand, grasp, find out, make out, get at, seize
grasp, wake, awake
grasp, catch, grab, grip, apprehend, lay hands on
имя существительное
understanding, insight, comprehension, conception, realization, grasp
setting, grasp, gripe, prehension, grip, solidification
grip, grasp, snap, hug, clutch, snatch
имя существительное
a firm hold or grip.
the child slipped from her grasp
seize and hold firmly.
she grasped the bottle
Living in a work of art is a luxury always available to the rich, but also within the grasp of anyone who is in the habit of saving for a holiday.
Many top jobs are within the grasp of historians.
All of it started to assemble, speeding up, the grasp on his power lost.
This seems so obvious that it is a surprise when scientists don't grasp this very simple idea.
meanings that are beyond my grasp
He liked David and they got on well together, as he invented games and lent him books which he saw and asked to borrow, even though Li felt they were beyond the grasp of a child.
The child squirmed free of the man's grasp and fell to the ground.
Meanwhile, even international destinations are within the grasp of cycle commuters.
Jason put his hands on Jed's shoulder and took a firm grasp .
True love is the elation that comes of true knowledge, an intuitive grasp of the world.