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grapevine / виноградная лоза, способ тайного сообщения, ложные слухи
имя существительное
виноградная лоза
vine, grapevine
способ тайного сообщения
grapevine, grapevine telegraph
ложные слухи
имя существительное
a vine native to both Eurasia and North America, especially one bearing fruit (grapes) used for eating or winemaking. Numerous cultivars and hybrids have been developed for the winemaking industry.
It attacks only grapevines , and kills vines by attacking their roots.
used to refer to the circulation of rumors and unofficial information.
I'd heard through the grapevine that the business was nearly settled
A detailed ranking of grapevine varieties for stress response will require a multi-year survey to take account of the interactions.
I heard a bit of news today on the grapevine which reminded me that in some ways people are just like characters in a drama.
I'd heard through the grapevine that the business was nearly settled
We would never know exactly what had happened, but little pieces of information would trickle through the grapevine .
But she said she heard on the grapevine the best way to get funding was to hire a specialist company to do the work.
I've heard the rumours on the grapevine , but am I the only coach to sign players in the summer?
She's heard on the grapevine that I want to get back with her, so she puts me straight on a few things: our old relationship brought her down after a while, drained her vivacity.
All of this intelligence had come down to us through the grapevine .
Through the grapevine , I've heard that none of the agencies in Manchester have any placements.
The grapevine has it that the actor wanted an amicable settlement to the controversy.