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grapefruit / грейпфрут
имя существительное
grapefruit, pomelo
имя существительное
a large, round, yellow citrus fruit with an acid, juicy pulp.
In a bowl, combine the grapefruit , blood orange, lemon, lime, and tangerine segments.
the tree bearing the grapefruit.
Mark called in about black mould on his grapefruit tree and fruit.
Where can I get a list telling which drugs are affected by grapefruit ?
The beauty here is the balance of juicy green apples, grapefruit , peaches and pineapple all anchored by brilliant acidity.
Mark called in about black mould on his grapefruit tree and fruit.
The basic citrus oils such as grapefruit , lemon and sweet orange oils are some of the least expensive oils.
Strong winds snapped thousands of trees, oranges and grapefruit .
The refuge has also suffered some major environmental problems, including stubborn invasions of exotic grapefruit trees and pepper plants.
My neighbor gives me fresh grapefruit , which is delicious.
My dining facility serves fresh grapefruit , oranges and other fruits every day.
Fruits which are a cross between a grapefruit and a tangerine are called tangelos.
She threw her dirty blonde hair into a ponytail and cut herself a grapefruit for breakfast.