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grape / виноград, виноградина, гроздь винограда
имя существительное
гроздь винограда
bunch of grapes, cluster of grapes, grape
имя существительное
a berry, typically green (classified as white), purple, red, or black, growing in clusters on a grapevine, eaten as fruit, and used in making wine.
Invest in a set of small plastic boxes for chopped fresh fruit, strawberries, grapes or cherries.
a dark purplish red color.
It was while on engineering business in France that he fell under the grape 's spell and decided to bring wine and wine culture home.
He did a brief stint in the insurance industry, but his love of the grape soon led him to the wine business.
Concord grape juice has the highest total antioxidant level of any fruit, vegetable or juice tested.
Yet the wily Pinot Noir grape is best suited to cooler, less sunny climes.
Grape shot was widely used in the 19th century wars, but by the time of the American Civil War, grape was primarily used by navel gun crews.
Recently this company has experimented with more suitable wine grape varieties for both red and white table wines.
This piercingly aromatic, citrus fruit and gooseberry-like white is drier and much closer to Sancerre than most Kiwi interpretations of the grape .
The gun discharged shot until the troops were within a short distance, when they fired grape .
The Jacobites stood the fire for some time before charging, being decimated by grape and musket shot.
But after the vines bloom, he notes, table grape growers would have to switch to insecticides.