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granulate / гранулировать, гранулироваться, дробить
granulate, corn
fraction, crush, divide, kibble, granulate, atomize
form (something) into grains or particles.
granulated sugar
(of a wound or lesion) form a grainy surface as part of the healing process.
Wet-to-dry debridement should be discontinued once the wound is clean and granulating .
the syrup would not granulate properly
the syrup would not granulate properly
He anaesthetised my finger and excised a wedge of skin that included the entire graze, leaving the wound open to granulate .
Granulated sugar has medium-sized crystals, as does lump sugar, which is simply granulated sugar moistened with syrup and pressed into blocks.
Total cement contents and percentages of additives, including fly ash, silica fume, ground granulated blast furnace slag, and an alkaline earth mineral admixture, were varied.
Maple sugar is made from boiling maple syrup until it granulates , but just minutes before it granulates, a chewy candy can be made by pouring the thick candy-like syrup onto fresh clean snow.
granulated sugar
However these fossils are calcitic, and also differ from Eurytholia sclerites in their marginal accretion, rugate ornament, and granulated ventral surfaces with distinct muscle scars.
Zarame is Japanese granulated brown sugar, found in some Asian markets.
Store in the refrigerator after opening; if it granulates just heat it slightly.