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granular / гранулированный, зернистый
имя прилагательное
granulated, granular, grainy, granulose
grainy, granular, granulose
имя прилагательное
resembling or consisting of small grains or particles.
Snowflakes comprise the familiar loose aggregates of ice crystals which often adopt a hexagonal and branched form; there are also snow and ice pellets, snow grains, granular snow, and ice prisms.
characterized by a high level of granularity.
a granular database
Alumina is a fine white granular powder, which is exported to aluminium smelters for processing into aluminium metal.
Field observations of brittly deformed granular rock have shown that the extent and magnitude of fault-related damage zone strain is influenced by the distribution of fault slip.
In its pure form, calcium oxide occurs as white crystals, white or gray lumps, or a white granular powder.
In the dry state, granular soil particles can be easily separated and identified.
For end users, this means a granular level of control over their own telecom services and simple management of those services from any browser.
Is it the sound of the dancer's shoe against a gritty surface or the granular irritation in the field of vision that Miro placed time and again as an affront to bourgeois sensibility?
Tillage helps to break down the compact structure of the soil, providing granular soil particles more favorable to root development and planting slit closure.
The researchers think this lessening of friction may occur among the grains in granular flows, such as snow cascading down a mountainside.
This in turn seems to encourage producers to use better-quality coffee beans so that the finished product gains a double aroma and flavour advantage over the powder and granular style.
The settlements above and lateral to the tunnels in plastic clays of soft to medium consistency are relatively larger than in stiffer, more brittle cohesive granular soils.