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granny / бабушка, бабуля, бабуся
имя существительное
grandmother, grandma, granny, grandmamma, gran, grannie
granny, grannie, gran
granny, grannie, gran
имя существительное
one's grandmother.
My granny always said it's a crime not to seize the opportunities that present themselves.
Our granny is 85 and she is the holiest person in the world.
Daredevil granny Ellen was on cloud nine for her 80th birthday celebrations.
Inside you will see photos of Mark with his arms around his petite granny .
Birthday wishes come to Sean from his granny Betty and all the family.
I was really upset for the first couple of weeks, missing all my friends and family, especially my granny and grandad.
Tamryn and her brother Matt, five, were being looked after by their granny on Wednesday night.
My daughter however is very keen for her daughter to have a granny and is adamant that she does not want her daughter to call me by my Christian name.
Although granny was a kitchen wizard, she never shared her secrets.
There is no way an old granny would get that treatment from me!
But I feel it was time well spent, sitting in by the fire with my granny and telling stories.