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grange / мыза, амбар, ферма
имя существительное
barn, granary, storehouse, warehouse, grange, garner
farm, girder, ranch, homestead, framework, grange
имя существительное
a country house with farm buildings attached.
Biddulph Grange
(in the US) a farmers' association organized in 1867. The Grange sponsors social activities, community service, and political lobbying.
Once you let them form organizations like the Grange , you're asking for trouble.
They may have staged her stay at the grange with the intention of providing him the opportunity to carry out his sinister plan.
Olivia mourns like Mariana in the moated grange - richly, and with repeated Victorian rituals.
Few manufactured articles were bought. Salt, tar, iron, mill-stones, steel for tipping the edges of implements, canvas for the sails of the wind-mill, cloths for use in the dairy, in the malthouse, or in the grange , together with the dresses of the inhabitants of the hall, and a few vessels of brass, copper, or earthenware, satisfied the simple needs of the rural population.
All the crops on the demesne were to be cut, stacked, carried to the manor-house and stored in the grange .
This house is said to stand on the site of a grange (monastic farm) that once belonged to the monks of Furness Abbey.
People and cattle then remain at the montagnette until the hay in the grange is exhausted.
The chronicles state that the abbey established a large farmstead - known as a grange - 20 miles away near Wharram Percy, and that a water mill was soon added.
Is there a firehouse, grange hall, or other facility you could use temporarily?
His writings state the abbey founded a large farmstead, or grange , and a water mill 20 miles away.
The society member said: ‘There is no dating of this site yet, but it is thought that there is a possibility that it is linked with a monastic grange which was in the vicinity which dates back to the 13 th Century.’