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grandstand / трибуна, места для зрителей
имя существительное
tribune, rostrum, platform, stand, grandstand, hustings
места для зрителей
имя прилагательное
ostentatious, flashy, specious, showy, ostensible, grandstand
рассчитанный на эффект
calculated for effect, grandstand
играть на публику
barnstorm, grandstand
show off, flaunt, grandstand, cut a dash
бить на эффект
имя существительное
the main seating area, usually roofed, commanding the best view for spectators at racetracks or sports stadiums.
The flags are flying proudly at York Racecourse after a new grandstand was officially handed over to race chiefs.
seek to attract applause or favorable attention from spectators or the media.
they accused him of political grandstanding
The new grandstand will hold 10, 875 racegoers if permission is granted.
The flags are flying proudly at York Racecourse after a new grandstand was officially handed over to race chiefs.
The old entrance next to the grandstand has been replaced by a new restaurant which has splendid views of the members' lawn and the horsewalk which connects parade ring and track.
View a few races from the stands, then check out the infield area, accessible through a tunnel from the grandstand and open to all.
Spectators benefit from a newly-installed grandstand and large screen.
He was also against the replacement of a grassed viewing area in front of the main grandstand with concrete.
At that time, women were very restricted in their involvement in racing and Mrs Widdis was unable to be in the Members enclosure, so she was standing in the grandstand with one of her daughters, cheering her horse on.
Ascot hopes to create one of the world's most modern racecourses, with a new grandstand , track and parade ring.
The second floor of the grandstand will house the primary horse racing and betting areas, but will add a restaurant and patio to provide improved seating and a better view of the races.
We're sold out in the main public enclosures for Thursday and sold out in the grandstand on Friday.