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grandparent / бабушка или дедушка
имя существительное
бабушка или дедушка
имя существительное
a parent of one's father or mother; a grandmother or grandfather.
It is a national holiday, a long weekend giving us time to travel to visit mother, father and grandparents .
I had already made a commitment to take my mother out to my grandparent 's on Sunday.
Like many, she may be a better grandparent than she was parent.
In the magazine survey, almost three quarters of grans said being a grandparent was better than being a parent.
Young married couples usually live with one set of parents or a grandparent because of a shortage of housing.
She returned to the UK during school holidays, to spend time with her grandparents .
There are no male grandparental role models, and because of economics, there are hardly any male role models as teachers in schools.
He added that he has taught both parents and grandparents of some of the current pupils.
For the sake of parental and grandparental sanity, I submit the following list of videos that won't destroy sanity or insult taste.
Demographic trends seem to predict more grandtravel in the years to come, as the 77 million active, healthy Baby Boomers head for grandparenthood and retirement.
All children were taught to be respectful to their parents and grandparents .