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grandpapa / дедушка
имя существительное
grandfather, grandpa, granddad, grandpapa, gaffer, gran-dad
His granddaughter, a sweet seventeen, came to the doorway, ‘Yes, grandpapa ?’
And the grandpapa is undoubtedly crazy and calm but funny in an unknowing and indirect way.
I am a papa now, I have an heir and now I'm going to be a grandpapa .
Then I continued to say that papa was at work, and wouldn't be back until late, my uncle and grandpapa were with friends, and Kip was with a friend.
I haven't been this depressed since grandpapa died.
I opened the door to find my grandpapa on the phone.
My grandpapa moves around a lot but his current residence is in England.
I believe that my grandpapa gave me a similar speech propped on his lap while I was still in diapers and drooling on myself.