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grandpa / дедушка
имя существительное
grandfather, grandpa, granddad, grandpapa, gaffer, gran-dad
имя существительное
one's grandfather.
At the end, the grandpas and grandmas were treated with a belated but sumptuous Onam feast which the aged from various day care centres and old age homes in the city enjoyed.
Most of my aunts, uncles and cousins were already at my grandpa 's when we arrived.
See, my grandpa passed on to me his ancient electric razor kit as a present.
It's nice for my son to know his grandpa .
It actually was my mom's but she let my grandpa have it when she moved back with me.
The very first I heard were cowboy songs, also my grandpa used to sing me old trail songs.
He was so close to his grandpa , also named George, that he thought he was simply a permanent feature of the world.
Watching grandpa give grandson his first shooting lesson was gratifying to say the least.
My granny went first when I was fifteen, and my grandpa went next when I was eighteen.
He wants to be a grandpa soon, and he has told us to have kids when we are young.
It was more or less me and a busload of grandmas and grandpas for seventeen days.