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grandma / бабушка
имя существительное
grandmother, grandma, granny, grandmamma, gran, grannie
имя существительное
one's grandmother.
At the end, the grandpas and grandmas were treated with a belated but sumptuous Onam feast which the aged from various day care centres and old age homes in the city enjoyed.
My favourite picture in the whole house is the one of my grandad with my grandma , of when they were young.
I wanted my kids to be around their grandma and grandpa, go to the same school I went to.
He went to grammar school and became, along with my grandma , my motivation for doing the same.
Libby's grandmas and a couple of aunts were cooking in the kitchen, while Libby's mom and dad sat at the kitchen table, holding hands.
They want us as kindly old grandmas , ready to baby-sit for free.
The grandmas we remember stayed at home and baked.
Plan regular trips to see out-of-town grandmas and grandpas.
All adults were ‘guardian angels’ watching over us, especially the grandmas and grandpas sitting on their front porches in their rocking chairs.
And they are going to get quite a few gifts from their family, and grandmas and aunts and uncles and things - and I got them one of those big cars that can drive itself around.
Tomorrow I begin my knitting class and I'm crossing my fingers that the other class members won't be grandmas .