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grandee / гранд, вельможа, важная персона
имя существительное
nobleman, grandee, magnate
важная персона
somebody, grandee, personage, mogul, panjandrum, swell
имя существительное
a Spanish or Portuguese nobleman of the highest rank.
The atmospheric spot is decorated like a Spanish grandee 's mansion.
With only 30 bedrooms, each stylishly decorated and furnished, this aristocratic hideaway is the perfect retreat for those who hanker after the Spanish grandee lifestyle.
The atmospheric spot is decorated like a Spanish grandee 's mansion.
Resplendent as a political grandee , he was representative of a high point of aristocratic parliamentarianism before later developments undermined it.
No sixteenth century Spanish grandee could speak in such terms and Schiller was well aware of the fact.
The Tory grandee has held this seat for 35 years; his majority stands at 7,000.
Only when such elites and grandees see that there are consequences to their cheap slurs and venom on campuses and American television will they ponder their present relationship with the United States.
Five days on, this weekend, party grandees are already preparing for the fall-out from another defeat.
The prime minister talked to a few of his grandees .
Like other grandees , Carter married into another prominent Virginia family.
When combined with the conspicuous deployment of troops and liberal dispensation of patronage to the other princes and Court grandees it was enough to ensure victory.