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grandad / дедушка
имя существительное
grandfather, grandpa, granddad, grandpapa, gaffer, gran-dad
His late great grandfather, Tom, was a terrific character, his grandad Tommy is the well known army man and his dad, Tomas, with his distinctive pony tail, is a really charming man also.
My favourite picture in the whole house is the one of my grandad with my grandma, of when they were young.
My grandad died when I was two.
cheer up, grandad, it may never happen
My brother and I, both under six, clapped our hands together with glee and shouted ‘again, grandad , again!’
Both granddad and grandson were taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation and David had also injured his foot after the jump from the top of the house but they had made it.
Congratulations to all the proud mothers, fathers, grannies and granddads who have been part of the recent baby boom in the village.
She then carried on to talk about both my granddads and knew that one was alive and one was dead.
She turned to her grandfather and asked: ‘Which way shall I cut the tomato, granddad ?’
However, being derived from a car designed to be driven by granddads in hats there's no shortage of headroom in the front, while being a four-door saloon it's quite commodious for average size adults in the back too.