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grand / большой, великий, грандиозный
имя прилагательное
large, great, greater, big, high, grand
great, grand
grandiose, grand, colossal, sublime, Andean
имя существительное
piano, grand piano, grand
тысяча долларов
piece, chunk, lump, bit, bite, grand
имя прилагательное
magnificent and imposing in appearance, size, or style.
a grand country house
denoting the largest or most important item of its kind.
the grand entrance
very good or enjoyable; excellent.
we had a grand day
(in names of family relationships) denoting one generation removed in ascent or descent.
a grand-niece
имя существительное
a thousand dollars or pounds.
he gets thirty-five grand a year
a grand piano.
Keys continue into the body of the piano for another twelve inches or so, making the entire key about eighteen inches long in upright pianos and smaller grand pianos, and almost two feet long in nine-foot grands .
She decided to put herself into the mindset of a grand lady.
He believed he was too grand to have something as mundane as a road named after him.
It's not like it's really important in the grand scheme of things.
Despite its grand , stately appearance, this fine city struggles, shrouded in a shadow of gloom and misery, crushed under an iron fist of oppression.
It was a perfect way to help a grand lady celebrate her 80th.
She was grand in her richly ornate gown and headdress.
While I like my realtor and consider her a personal friend, if we ever sell our new home, we'll do it ourselves and save a few grand next time around.
The architecture of Constantinople had probably inspired Edward when he was fighting there in the Crusades and the castle's grand style also underlines his imperial intentions.
She then heads off on holiday to Spain with Lanna, returning to find a cheque for a hundred grand lying on the doormat, so quits her job in the supermarket and heads back to the sun.
‘Melbourne used volunteers in 1956, but Sydney was first to use them on such a grand scale at the 2000 Olympics,’ he said.