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granary / амбар, зернохранилище, житница
имя существительное
barn, granary, storehouse, warehouse, grange, garner
granary, breadbasket, garner
хлебородный район
имя существительное
a storehouse for threshed grain.
However, they should consider sprinkling the powder inside the granaries before the grain has been stored.
North Africa had long been the granary of Italy, and it continued in this role until the Vandals swept through in the 5th century.
The dry corn was stored in the granary by late November.
It was a granary for Rome, and its capital, Alexandria, became the world's chief commercial centre, when the sea route to India was opened in about 106 AD.
For the first time in decades, wheat yields in the granary of Bulgaria were smaller than those harvested in the western parts of the country.
Each group's harvest was stored in its own granary for use throughout the year.
He ordered the establishment of an emergency granary to store a tenth of the harvest each season to be used in times of emergency.
But having trashed the place, the Romans eventually fancied it for themselves; a new city was built over the ruins of Carthage, and Tunisia became the granary of the Roman Empire.
A host of additional outbuildings were discovered as well, including two dairies, a smokehouse, a granary , and two storehouses, all adjacent to the house.
Sugar cane is also grown there and the whole region is known as ‘the granary of the sub continent’.
Below lie suburban sprawl, motorways, and the remaining wheat fields of the Ile de France, the golden granary of Paris.