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gran / бабушка, бабуля, бабуся
имя существительное
grandmother, grandma, granny, grandmamma, gran, grannie
granny, grannie, gran
granny, grannie, gran
имя существительное
one's grandmother.
Our audience at the Grand in Blackpool will be from 12-year-olds right through to grans and grandads.
But I know my gran would have wanted me to work hard and to do well at school.
Mrs Browner's love of perennials and petunias began when her gran gave her a patch of garden to look after as a child.
The pair have fond memories of the rural oasis where they spent their summer holidays chasing cows and picking blackberries for their gran 's jam.
It was not going to be the easiest of visits - her gran is quite seriously ill - but she was looking forward to seeing her nevertheless.
The doting gran watched from the side as Jackie and Robyn splashed about in the waves then took out her camera to record the moment for posterity.
She has always been an inspiration to me and if I become a gran , I would want to be just like her.
I'm not your gran, am I?
We didn't have a piano in the house, so I'd go down to my gran 's to practise on hers.
His gran gave him a bourbon cream and some orange juice instead.
My gran and grandad gave me a brilliant upbringing and I felt successful at school even if I failed.