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gramophone / граммофон, патефон, проигрыватель
имя существительное
gramophone, phonograph, talking machine
gramophone, phonograph
turntable, gramophone, record-player
The first gramophone to change records automatically went on sale.
We all went and gathered round the gramophone , and when we were settled the record was put on.
His fascination both with music and collecting albums began when he played his grandmother's collection of 78 rmp records on a wind-up gramophone .
I would venture to add that these classics of the gramophone have come out sounding extremely beautiful with singing top registers and remarkable sound stage for the early 50's.
The man disappeared among the trees, returning after about 20 minutes with a portable gramophone and records.
There was a gramophone at home and recordings of opera.
Before the gramophone and the LP, before there were CDs and MTV, songwriters were forced to travel in order to share in the musical influences and advancements of their peers.
I have several hundred of these old LPs, but my gramophone is getting a bit past it.
In these early days, the gramophone was considered to be little more than a toy, and the ‘great artists’ of the time did not want to condescend to its perceived level to make recordings.
The only medium to listen to the then alternative music was a record player or gramophone .