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grainy / зернистый, гранулированный, шероховатый
имя прилагательное
grainy, granular, granulose
granulated, granular, grainy, granulose
rough, scabrous, uneven, coarse, rugged, grainy
имя прилагательное
a juicy, grainy texture
(of wood) having prominent grain.
He sat at the sturdy, grainy walnut table.
Spring, who did not realise the hitman was a wired undercover police officer, can be heard on the grainy recording making a chilling request for the girl to be ‘terminated’.
An excellent sample of the roots of country music, though the recordings are a little grainy .
My Toulouse sausages were wonderfully warm and spicy, with a marvellous grainy texture.
But I kind of like the grainy , gritty look of the image.
Stir the mixture until the butter melts and the mixture is a golden caramel-brown colour but still somewhat grainy in texture.
I found that the sound was kind of grainy at times and seemed to cut out occasionally.
His vocals have a grainy AM-radio quality, but this production effect is used profusely.
The film is in black and white, and it's rather grainy , but intentionally so, though possibly from a felicitous combination of low budget and artistic intent.
Thirty-five years ago today, millions of people watched grainy , black and white TV pictures of Neil Armstrong setting foot on the moon.
Distinctive dishes such as loin of pork cooked in milk, which reduces to provide a grainy sauce, appear in Italian and Spanish cooking.