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graft / прививать, вкалывать, ишачить
graft, inculcate, inoculate, engraft, ingraft
stick, graft, grub
имя существительное
corrupt practices, bribery, graft
graft, vaccination, grafting, inoculation, jab, graftage
bribe, graft, subornation
имя существительное
a shoot or twig inserted into a slit on the trunk or stem of a living plant, from which it receives sap.
From those few grafts, other grafts were made from the top cuttings of the trees, but the seeds have never germinated.
a piece of living tissue that is transplanted surgically.
The database also provides survival rates of people who received cell grafts , helping doctors and their patients evaluate the potential risks and benefits of transplantation in treating disorders such as leukemia.
practices, especially bribery, used to secure illicit gains in politics or business; corruption.
sweeping measures to curb official graft
hard work.
turning those dreams into reality was sheer hard graft
insert (a shoot or twig) as a graft.
it was common to graft different varieties onto a single tree trunk
transplant (living tissue) as a graft.
they can graft a new hand onto the arm
insert or fix (something) permanently to something else, typically in a way considered inappropriate.
western-style government could not easily be grafted onto a profoundly different country
make money by shady or dishonest means.
The only friends I had were people I would graft with or put money together for drugs with.
work hard.
I need people prepared to go out and graft
I worked on the programme for two and half years, and nothing came close when it came to hard graft .
But in six years of exposures of illicit arms deals, graft and bribery, only once has the political establishment blushed enough to take action.
After three years of hard graft , Arden opened her first salon on Fifth Avenue and, in common with her rival, the nature of her financial backing remains shrouded in mystery.
Widespread graft and influence peddling among government officials are hampering economic development.
Aside from plunder, Estrada has also been charged with illegal use of an alias, perjury and graft and corruption, which are all bailable offenses.
Plant the roots so the graft or bud union is 2 inches below the ground level.
There is no reason they should have to tolerate graft and corruption in any form of public service either.
turning those dreams into reality was sheer hard graft
success came after years of hard graft
government officials grow fat off bribes and graft