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graffiti / граффити, нацарапанный рисунок, рисунок на стенах домов
имя существительное
нацарапанный рисунок
рисунок на стенах домов
имя существительное
writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.
the walls were covered with graffiti
write or draw graffiti on (something).
he and another artist graffitied an entire train
The operator is expected to keep the trains clean, and passengers are expected to take their rubbish with them and also not graffiti them.
On his right, the alley ended against a brick wall covered in purple graffiti .
The results were welcomed by members of the parish council, who had asked the pupils some time ago to come up with designs to artistically graffiti the shelter.
In Cricklade, its store has had graffiti sprayed on the walls.
Since very few trains circulated, graffiti artists started tagging and painting entire subway trains.
the walls were covered with graffiti
A classroom was trashed and walls were daubed with graffiti spray before the wooden library door was set alight.
Most of the cells were dirty and the walls covered with graffiti .
I do not see graffiti sprayed on someone's garage or wall as creative.
We just returned from your city and were shocked by the criminal graffiti on every flat surface that has appeared in the last year.