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graduation / градация, градуировка, окончание учебного заведения
имя существительное
gradation, graduation, scale
calibration, graduation
окончание учебного заведения
имя существительное
the receiving or conferring of an academic degree or diploma.
However, students of the international class would receive two diplomas upon graduation ; a national and an international one, she said.
the action of dividing into degrees or other proportionate divisions on a graduated scale.
Accepting degrees of graduation doesn't necessarily imply that there are varying positions on just one axis between two polar opposites.
His address at a medical graduation ceremony in Cardiff was also memorable and remains highly relevant.
But she went to the Central Academy of Drama after her graduation .
After graduation with a degree in Elementary Education, she plans to earn her Master's degree, and become a teacher.
Smith says each student would receive approximately $2,000 upon graduation to help fund their project.
The Cosmonaute does just what it says on the face, and has loads of brilliant numbers and graduation scales.
The graduation day was not only special for graduates, but also for their proud parents and family members.
For many at the graduation , those prized diplomas are the first in the family.
Children with good academic scores will be funded until graduation .
The Academy was holding a graduation ceremony Wednesday morning.
After graduation from the Academy, future fighter pilots will then transfer to a fighter squadron for their advanced type training.