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graduate / выпускник, аспирант, имеющий ученую степень
имя существительное
graduate, alumnus, school, school-leaver
graduate student, graduate, postgraduate
имеющий ученую степень
graduate, calibrate, divide, gauge, gage
окончить учебное заведение
graduate, graduate from
располагать по порядку
graduate, marshal, range
имя прилагательное
имеющий ученую степень
имя прилагательное
relating to graduate school education.
the graduate faculty
имя существительное
a person who has successfully completed a course of study or training, especially a person who has been awarded an undergraduate academic degree.
Training courses usually take graduates or school leavers any time after they've got their qualification.
a graduated cup, tube, flask, or measuring glass, used especially by chemists and pharmacists.
Rinse flask with small portions of non-saturated acetonitrile and transfer rinsings to the graduate with disposable pipette until 5 ml is collected.
successfully complete an academic degree, course of training, or high school.
I graduated from West Point in 1965
arrange in a series or according to a scale.
a graduated tax
change (something, typically color or shade) gradually or step by step.
the color is graduated from the middle of the frame to the top
He has also won the three major teaching awards in his college and both the graduate and undergraduate teaching awards in his department.
The prize is given to the graduate or undergraduate student who submitted the best paper on an intelligence-related subject during the preceding year.
Uncap the flask, and use a pipette to transfer excess liquid above the 1.0 L mark to a 25-mL graduate .
Without this additional dimension in the analysis of students it is difficult to explain efforts by universities to graduate students faster.
There is sufficient scope and depth here to support an independent course in a law school or in other undergraduate or graduate study.
The report recommended that states require students to take a minimum number of courses in core academic subjects in order to graduate from high school.
We want to end a system where youth from low-income areas are seven times less likely to graduate college than youth from high-income areas.
The other half of the truth was that I was on the dean's list and preparing to graduate college with honors.
He was a graduate of Hebron High School and Hastings College.
He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Child Development, Test and Measurements, and Educational Psychology.