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gradient / градиент, уклон, наклон
имя существительное
gradient, grade
skew, slope, bias, deviation, gradient, ramp
incline, lean, tilt, slope, inclination, gradient
имя существительное
an inclined part of a road or railway; a slope.
fail-safe brakes for use on steep gradients
an increase or decrease in the magnitude of a property (e.g., temperature, pressure, or concentration) observed in passing from one point or moment to another.
Distinct gradients in pressure were observed throughout the contact area.
A clanking, wheezing locomotive went past the cabin climbing the steep gradient .
A fountain and water channel will see water flowing in spirals down the steep gradient of the street.
It had a gradient of about 45 degrees and was strewn with loose rocks and boulders.
It is a steep, cobbled climb, with a maximum gradient of 20 percent.
When the gradient of the river increases, the water flows faster and faster, until finally it breaks up into a white-water rapid.
He also said that the last mountain proved to be the biggest challenge because it meant walking at a constant gradient to a height of nearly 6,000 feet.
The lower 150m section has a gentle gradient of 12 degrees providing an ample and safe area to test out those first turns.
A hundred hand-cut granite steps were laid to negotiate the steep gradient leading up from the riverbank, to a walk back through the top of the bluebell wood.
As we left Girvan, with the sun shining, the wind blowing in its usual and helpful easterly direction, we climbed away from the town on a good open track which, despite the steep gradient , added to a sense of keen anticipation.
The Keoghs, realising that their present house, built as it is on a steep gradient , is most unsuitable for a wheelchair user, decided to apply for the transfer.