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gradation / градация, постепенность, ступень
имя существительное
gradation, graduation, scale
gradualness, course, gradation
stage, step, level, degree, stair, gradation
имя существительное
a scale or a series of successive changes, stages, or degrees.
within the woodpecker family, there is a gradation of drilling ability
He is one of the new generation of pioneers in batik design, which he makes on textured woven fabric with the play of soft color gradation .
To obtain a darker color gradation , use double the amount of dye powder for each color.
Answering the question suggests that its construct is legitimate, that a candidate's patriotism is subject to qualification, gradation , and comparison.
within the woodpecker family, there is a gradation of drilling ability
The gradation of perfection in these aspects is quite apparent with the academic progress.
There must be some kind of gradation here in which stoats are classed as less obnoxious than weasels, although they are relatives.
A more refined gradation of offences could hardly be worse in this respect, and might improve the structure of sentencing for sexual offences.
Could we not trace out the gradation in the cat, horse, cow, sheep, fowl, etc, in a like manner?
In that context the Policy provides, in my view, a clear gradation of provision.
These fossils constitute a gradation between Neandertals and modern humans, demonstrating that the distinction made by evolutionists is an artificial one.